Results will be published on the Arabian Horse Results website.

2015 Results

Yearling Fillies 

Vedette - 2015 Gold Champion Yearling Filly
Xpectations - 2015 Silver Champion  Yearling Filly

Hunter Pleasure

Klint Black - 2015 Gold Champion Hunter Pleasure

Yearling Colts

Jalal Aljassimya - 2015 Gold Champion Yearling Colt
IJ Bellatore - 2015 Silver Champion Yearling Colt                           

Junior Mares

Edens Mandalay - 2015 Gold Champion Junior Mare

Country English Pleasure

Noble Grace - 2015 Gold Champion Country English Pleasure
Captain Courageous - 2015 Silver Champion Country English Pleasure
Baske Alarm - 2015 Bronze Champion Country English Pleasure

Junior Stallions

SF Verazs Qamau - 2015 Gold Champion Junior Stallion
Falah Al Shaqab - 2015 Silver Champion Junior Stallion

Western Pleasure

Monticello V - 2015 Gold Champion Western Pleasure
Holdin Aces - 2015 Silver Champion Western Pleasure
MPA Kharianne - 2015 Bronze Champion Western Pleasure

Senior Mares

Valentino’s Angel MI - 2015 Gold Champion Senior Mare
CR Jasmeenah - 2015 Silver Champion Senior Mare

Senior Stallions

Om El Azeem - 2015 Gold Champion Senior Stallion
Miracle of Marwan - 2015 Silver Champion Senior Stallion
Maihab - 2015 Bronze Champion Senior Stallion

Mounted Native Costume

HL Sanction - 2015 Gold Champion Mounted Native Costume
EQ Escalade - 2015 Silver Champion Mounted Native Costume
Squeezebox - 2015 Bronze Champion Mounted Native Costume

Planning to join us?

Are you coming to New York to watch Arabian Horses with the brilliant New York Skyline as the backdrop of the Opening Night of the Rolex Central Park Horse Show?

We have pulled together the information you will need whether you are participating with your Arabian Horse, Cheering from the Grandstands or the VIP Pavilion.

We’ve given you a lot of details, but please don’t hesitate to call the event team, with any questions, we are more than glad to help at any time.