Arabian US Open - September 20th 2017, Central Park, New York


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Rolex Central Park is the showcase of Arabian horses to the World.  Yes, it is a show, but more importantly to the industry, it is the opportunity to reach a totally untapped market in an event that will allow us to tell the story of our horses – from the desert to part of every major riding breed in the world.  We are the foundation of the best of the best.

The Rolex Central Park Horse Show in Central Park in Sept. is invitation only for all the events.  Everyone is there to experience equine events at their top level.  The show takes place during one of the two United Nations (UN) weeks when there are dignitaries from all over the globe.  The Essex House is the host hotel for the show, but also a hotel that is widely used by visiting members and their families for the UN.  The view from the hotel looks right down on the arena.

Central Park is located downtown.  It is a highly used park by the locals and visitors alike.  The skyline surrounding the park is breath taking – day and night.  The transformation of the ice rink to a horse arena complete with seating is nothing short of a miracle.  The logistics are challenging, but the results are a magical place to showcase our horses. 

Welcome to the magic of the Arabian U.S. Open at the Rolex Central Park Horse Show!


Planning to join us?

Are you coming to New York to watch Arabian Horses with the brilliant New York Skyline as the backdrop of the Opening Night of the Rolex Central Park Horse Show?

We have pulled together the information you will need whether you are participating with your Arabian Horse, Cheering from the Grandstands or the VIP Pavilion.

We’ve given you a lot of details, but please don’t hesitate to call the event team, with any questions, we are more than glad to help at any time.

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