Where will the horses be stabled?

The main stabling will be in Gladstone, NJ.  This facility is wonderful with a big arena and plenty of room.  It is about 45-50 minutes from Central Park.

When can we arrive with our horses?

The Gladstone facility will be available starting Sunday, September 17, 2017 and the horses must be out by Thursday, September 21, 2017.

What company do I contact if my horse(s) is/are to be flown in?

Dutta Corporation   

email: timdutta@aol.com

Phone: (914) 413-7929

Pat Trowbridge (860) 488-7101

Is there stabling arrangements for horses that might need to be quarantined?

Yes, there are separate facilities at Gladstone. 

DJ Johnson is transporting the horses to/from Central Park and Gladstone, NJ.

They have many years of experience handling all types of horses and know that we will have stallions in our mix.  They are the haulers for many of the Olympic horses.  Grooms may ride with the horses if desired.

Slant load trailers will be available for those horses that are more comfortable with that mode of transportation.  Please secure your spot on the slant load trailers with Kelly Charpentier as spots are limited.

Do I buy bedding for Central Park?

No, the stalls will be bedded for you.

Is there a wash rack at Central Park?

Yes, there is a wash stall - but the water usage is limited.  It is recommended for as much bathing as possible to happen at Gladstone.

Are there grooming stalls?

Yes, but they are shared

How many stalls are at Central Park?

There are a total of 58 stalls.  50 will be used for horse stalls and 8 will be used for shared tack rooms, ready rooms and storage. 

When do the horses go in/out of Central Park?

Central Park management does not allow us to shut down the Central Park for loading/unloading except in off hours.  So the horses will be transported into Central Park leaving Gladstone around 2:00 AM and horses will be transported out after 9:00 PM or after the performance, whichever is later.

Will the horses be able to get into the arena before the show?

A designated time will be set for a warm up/practice time prior to the show.  2:00 pm has been our window in the past with the arena closing by 4:00 pm

Do I get passes for my owners to see the show?

Yes, 2 passes per horse.  However, this gets you into the show area to watch your class, but does not provide you an actual seat.  If you want a seat, please see below for the general admission seat.

What is the entry fee?

It is $500 a horse which includes the stalls and the transportation to/from Central Park.  There is no additional charge for the stalls at Gladstone (with the exception of the halter horses entries, which are covered through the associated Corporate Sponsorship).

Will there be an official Arabian horse photographer?

Yes. Howard Schatzberg will be the official photographer.

How do I get back and forth between Gladstone and Central Park?

I have a car – Drive into the City via the Lincoln Tunnel and Park at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  The parking for the bus terminal is on the left directly as you come out of the tunnel.  It is the cheapest parking the in area and most convenient for getting into and (importantly) out of the city.  If you park anywhere else you can get caught in bottleneck traffic trying to get to the tunnel via 9th Ave.  When you come down the ramp from the Port Authority Bus Terminal Parking Area, it puts you directly into the tunnel to return to Gladstone.

From the Port Authority Bus Terminal you have a quick taxi ride to Central Park or a 20 minute walk.  And of course, you can take the subway from Porty Authority to Central Park and get off at Columbus Circle, which is an entrance to Central Park.

I prefer traveling by train - Coming into the city, here are trains that go to Gladstone (Far Hill is the same train) to Summit and then change to go into the city.  Or if you have a car in Gladstone, you can drive to Summit, NJ via the I-78 and then get the train directly to NYC.   

Will the show be covered by the Arabian Magazines as well as the Chronicle of the Horse?

Yes, there will be a process to obtain press passes for Arabian magazines. Please contact Michelle Kelly at mdeannkelly@gmail.com or 562.260.8664

Planning to join us?

Are you coming to New York to watch Arabian Horses with the brilliant New York Skyline as the backdrop of the Opening Night of the Rolex Central Park Horse Show?

We have pulled together the information you will need whether you are participating with your Arabian Horse, Cheering from the Grandstands or the VIP Pavilion.

We’ve given you a lot of details, but please don’t hesitate to call the event team, with any questions, we are more than glad to help at any time.